Labor Community Services Program

Labor of Love

The Hawaii State AFL-CIO proudly hosts the annual Labor of Love event every year. This special occasion unites labor organizations across Hawaii in a shared mission to give back to the community.

Labor of Love is more than just a project. It’s a chance for Hawaii State AFL-CIO affiliates and community members to collaborate, providing essential rehabilitation services to local schools. This event is a testament to the power of collective effort and community spirit, from painting walls to restoring or crafting benches and tables.

Food Pantry

The Hawaii State AFL-CIO is deeply committed to supporting our members through the Food Pantry initiative. Recognizing that challenging times can arise, we offer vital assistance to affiliate members in need.

Our Food Pantry provides essential food supplies, ensuring that members facing tough times have access to necessary resources. If you’re an affiliate member experiencing difficulties, please reach out to your representative for more information. This initiative reflects our dedication to supporting our members in every aspect of their lives.

Rental & Utility Assistance

The well-being of our members is a primary concern, especially when it comes to essential living expenses. To address this, assistance with rental and utility costs is available for those facing financial difficulties in emergency situations.

This support is aimed at ensuring members’ stability and peace of mind. Affiliate members who are struggling with rent or utility bills should contact their union representative to determine their eligibility for assistance. This effort is part of the Hawaii State AFL-CIO’s ongoing commitment to the comprehensive support of its community.